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President’s Corner

To the National Capital Chapter of ASHRAE,
March has always been one of my favorite months. It brings the first day of Spring and as we are all about to experience, much warmer
weather. Along with the balance of the Vernal Equinox, March also provides one last opportunity to say Happy New Year! Our calendar
is rooted from the ancient Roman calendar which only consisted of ten months with, you guessed it, March as the first month of the
year. Another fun fact, we have a great month planned for the NCC.
Please join us from 12pm – 2pm on March 17th for a presentation on Net Zero Buildings. The webinar will focus on three key elements:
• Energy – Reduced loads and increased efficiency fine-tuned through analysis, validated through simulation, and instituted
with commissioning.
• Water – Reliable predictions of available resources and building usage with meticulous adherence to public health standards.
• Waste – Careful understanding of occupants’ tolerance for atypical systems and complete review of unique site conditions.
Thank you to all the NCC members that joined us on March 3rd for the NCC’s YEA Virtual Buildings Tour hosted by JBG Smith. We had
over 80 people in attendance; joining to learn about green HVAC practices in the top sustainable and LEED-Certified buildings within
the DMV area. A special thank you to Stephanie Gonzalez, Zach DeLuke and the entire JBG Smith Team that have been planning this
event for over two months. Your efforts are much appreciated, and the virtual tour was a big success!
The February 17th presentation and panel discussion on Cybersecurity pertaining to Federal Building Design was also a hit. Charlene
Watson and John Whitman, both from AECOM, as well as David Gary from NAVFAC, gave an excellent program on detailed
Cybersecurity requirements, Design Engineer’s responsibilities, lessons learned and risk mitigation strategies. This webinar was well
attended, had great dialogue driven by questions and one that garnered follow-up requests from you as far as speaker contact info
and presentation slides. We will certainly revisit this topic for a future presentation.
In closing, please consider submitting a project for a Region III ASHRAE Technology Award before the deadline on April 7th, reach out
to me if you are interested in learning more about the newly formed Diversity in ASHRAE committee and always, thank you to our
sponsors, members, and volunteers!